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Muslims are taking over the world… quietly
9 November 2006, 7:32 am
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Take a look at this article. Everyone in the world should read it and come to realization that Muslims are indeed intending to take over the world… as dramatic as that sounds. While I was in Kenya for a year, the same story was given to me about Africa. Africa is slowly being taken over by Islam. Look how many countries they already have in North Africa. How long before that all trickles down to the southern countries?

The same thing will happen in other countries. What can be done? Really we can’t do anything. All that can be done is to inform ourselves and… pray… pray that in the future such a vote in a country will consist of whether or not to install Shariah law as the law of the country. …I shudder at the thought.

Westerners need to realize that Muslims are not against Americans. Muslims are against “infidels.” Infidels meaning anyone who does not profess faith in Allah. The Qur’an states that infidels should have their heads smitten off (Surah 9:8). Muslims don’t just hate the US. They attacked the US on 9/11 because the US is predominantly Christian and tolerant–two things that Islam is very much not!

Wake up and smell the coffee people. Muslims are taking over the world slowly. And it isn’t the extremists who are going to make the long-term difference. It is the increased birthrate among Muslims. Read the article. Read the statistics. The average European mother gives birth to 1.4 children. The average Muslim mother: 3.8. They are raising up a nation among themselves just like the Israelites did in Bible times while King David ruled. It’s insane to think about.

All I can say is I am glad God has given me a desire to minister to youth, as it seems the youth age group is the most predominant around the world and in particular within Islam.

Get on your knees and pray people!

(UPDATE: Here’s something I wish all of the Canadian provinces would propose! Get paid to have babies!)

(UPDATE: Yet another article in the movement towards promoting the having of more children among North Americans. …building an army for the LORD, one family at a time! lol.)


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Just checking out your blog!
In Jesus
Maria in the UK

Comment by Maria Toth

Yes muslims are trying to take over the uk.I am christian and keep my faith to myself, now the muslim’s want to say their prayers by loud speaker in oxford.This is not on..I was told in my own country that i shouldnt say merry christmas instead it should be happy holidays in case i upset the muslim community..What next? slaughtering of sheeps in the gutter?

Comment by marilyn

I’m a muslim. Who said that you should say happy holidays instead of merry christmas?
If so, you may be upsetting a small amount of muslims by saying merry christmas. But the majority now in the 21 Century are more mature, Muslims tend to give and recieve Christmas cards, its just a friendly gesture. It’s disrespectful when you say what next slaughtering of sheeps in the gutter? I could say ‘What next? Baptism in the gutter?’ Both of religious practises. Don’t disrespect please, thats not being a good Christian.

Comment by Anon

Disrespect is expecting to come to this country and expect everything to change to suit you outsiders.

Comment by Anon

What can be done? You say, “Really nothing.” There is lots that can be done. First, PRAY. 2nd, Educate yourself (read everything you can on Islam, including the Qur’an so you know what you’re dealing with). 3rd, support and publicize (annonymous mailings to Muslims) websites exposing Islam:,, http://www.jihadwatch, etc. 4th, evangelize—God is touching their hearts. 5th, Pray for God to give you ideas about how to reach out to these victims of perhaps the greatest deception of all time. If you think you can’t do anything, you won’t.
God bless you all.

Comment by suzyq

oh well here is answer to all the ignorant hate sites posted by suzyq ,and by going there youll revert no one , three stoges that run those sites have been answered well ,and battered in debates by muslims of this site

Comment by Anonymous

Yes, yes they are….no wait, I was just taken over by a muslim spirit. Now I feel the urge to pray 5 times a day facing Mecca! This muslim spirit just took my over….I cannot help myself. Must now worship Allah. How did it take me over? What is wrong with me? Don’t I have free will? No! Not when muslim power is around taking control of non-muslim minds and changing them into muslims just like that.

Are you retarded or Icelandic? I thing you are retarded. Really.

Comment by Jesus Christ

Ha, its funny to see someone whose probably a adult be so immature. Everyone is entilted to have their own faith, opinions and so on. You’ve put your name down as Jesus Christ, okay so you must know that Jesus is one of the muslims prophets yeah? And how some of the things that jesus said and did are also stated in the Quran? Alongside many other people who are mentioned in the Bible.

Some people seriously need to have a brighter out look on life. Christians belive in Judgement day right? Well, stop judging a person, only God can judge.
“Must now worship Allah” Allah means God in arabic. I’m 14. Chill out.

Comment by Anon

Why would you being 14 have anything to do with this..

Comment by Anonymous

Your blog made me smirk. I am a Muslim and a proud American. I have been deployed to both Afghanistan and Iraq fighting those who pervert our Religion. My best friends are so-called “infidels.” I am not trying to convert the world or have some hidden agenda. Justa another man trying to find his way in the world at this ungodly hour.

“O mankind! We created you from a single soul, male and female, and made you into nations and tribes, so that you may come to know one another. Truly, the most honored of you in Gods sight is the greatest of you in piety. God is All-Knowing, All-Aware. [49:13]

“There shall be no compulsion in religion: the right way is now distinct from the wrong way. Anyone who denounces the devil and believes in GOD has grasped the strongest bond; one that never breaks. GOD is Hearer, Omniscient.”. [2:256]

Comment by Saj

Anyone with a sane mind knows Muslims are not trying to take over the world.Unfortunately, we are running out of people with common sense

Comment by really?

Prayer is just an excuse for sitting and doing nothing. God has given you the most powerful tool in the universe…… Your brain!

I think countries should adopt population controls on certain races.

Comment by Mason

I think they should adopt population controls for ever race seeing as that has to do with alot of problem country’s have way to many people not enough ways for all those people to live by such as not enough jobs which in turn brings up the crime rates

Comment by Anonymous

I am a christian and Jesus is the son of God yo Islam is false and evil I don’t care what you say your trying to make it a new world order for your one messed up world take over faith. BUT GOD IS IN CONTROL IT WON’T HAPPEN HA HA

Comment by Teresa wright

unfortunately it will happen, muslims will take over. they will take over because God is in control and he said they would in the bible. the one world government is going to be muslims and their sharia law, but whatever you do dont give in when they try to force everyone to become a muslim!

Comment by Anonymous

So true about the one-world-order. Its all in in the Holy bible Revelation 13. The bad ones will force the good ones to vote for Shaira Islamic Law and Christians and all people will suffer. A psychic person said 1/3 of humanity was created with too much evil and 1/3 are good and 1/3 are a little of both. The good 1/3 (Christians) will all die at the hands of a 200 million man army from the east (Rev 8) and the earth will be evil for 42 months (this is the first death and resurrection of Rev. 20). Then because of total wickedness, like he did when he destroyed the earth in Genesis 6:5-8, the story of Noah and the Ark, the earth will possibly shift on its axis because a meteorite will hit the earth and red dust will cover the oceans and rivers; the ozone layer that protects us now will be messed up (Rev 16) and everyone will have sun burns and sores, and the earth will be darkened because of the dust of the meterorite crash which will also cause huge stones and hail stones to fall everywhere. More than 1/3 of humanity will cry out to Jesus and be saved (new Christians) and all humanity will die. And this is the second and final death and resurrection of Rev 20 in the Holy Bible. One quarter of humanity will go into the lake of fire along with Satan the devil and his demon angels.

Comment by kim messiah Quran 3:45

Reality and spiritual pipe dreams are a complete different subject. Did you know that in another 15years Muslims will have mjority over Christians?

And while Christians are sitting turning the other cheek the other side are actively working towards attaining their goals.

Religion should be a way to improve the spirit not an excuse to become idle because somehow a higher power will make everything better.

Comment by Mason

What Islamic people have that Americans do not is national support. America is not a Chirstian Nation. Our government panders to minority groups who claim to be “offended” by expression of the Christian religion, and strives to remove or belittle evidence of our Christian roots, be it by taking “under god” out of the pledge, or by teaching “white guilt” in public schools, like villainizing the crusades and glossing over Muslim aggression in the middle ages. Our government has abandoned our religion- both our political parties now use it only as tool to gather voters with emotionally charged catchphrases. If Americans want a Christian Nation, then we have to act like it, and loudly! Not only by evangelizing, but by lobbying, writing our congressmen, and changing the way we vote. We have to make ourselves heard as intelligent, politically involved people, and not- not get hung up on buzzword issues that only distract us from real problems.

Comment by someguy

Do you honestly think Christ would condone all this rabid narrow-mindedness? Interesting that of all the replies to this, the Muslims are the most articulate and grammatically correct. Maybe should sort out your own house before pointing fingers elsewhere – judging by this, if the muslims take over the world, it might actually improve the average intellect.
Spouting figures about Africa is ridiculous. If you actually check your facts, you will realise it was largely a Muslim population before missionaries came bossing them about/selling them as slaves. They are only taking back their own. And there seems to be a misconception that all of Europe is Christian – certain countries have always been muslim. Get over it and stop spreading such ignorance and jingoism.

Comment by Am I the last sane person?

I’d be happy to accept your correction Sane Person? But I have a tough time accepting it when you have no references for your facts, and I do. You could try to discredit my sources if you wish. I would try to do the same… but you don’t seem to have any. So please… Enlighten us! with the real facts found outside of your opinion. Continue the discussion!

Comment by Trevor

I have read of your remarks. I grew up in various church until I know one or two most important thing,ask questions: Did Jesus Christ control your religous? Did Jesus Christ act violence and force one religious world? we have to remember that we have free agency to make the decision with love not hatred anybody.

Comment by Shelly

Hey Shelley. What exactly are you asking or trying to imply? To suggest Jesus controlled a religion comes from very poor information or interpretation. What we call religion is what we see as a human’s outward expression of their beliefs. The typical expression of Christian faith and belief (and for that matter the majority of religions) involves a place of worship, along with various methods of sacrament and expression of faith. While Christ was on earth, no such expressions existed. It wasn’t until after He left earth that any form of Christ-following community began to form and take on reputation.

No, Christ did not encourage violence over other religions. However, He did endorse having ONE religion over others, stating “I AM the Way, the Truth, and the Life; No one comes to the Father except through Me.” There was no suggestion of finding God through other religions.

We do have freedom to make our own decisions. However, the purpose of this blog and this discussion itself, is to make informed decisions. We ALL have that responsibility, no matter what we choose to believe. Affluence is not option.

Comment by Trevor

I think in order to create peace in the world is to introduce and legalise microchip implants. One then we will be able to have one government, one rule, one movement and the world will be united.

Comment by Lcfr

Well, I think they’re legal already. Great idea, Lcfr! Sounds like something you’d think of. : )

Comment by Trevor

It doesnt matter Christians or Muslims the Jews are the one that controlled the game and will always control the stage.

Besides power doesnt come from numbers but strategy and influence and neither Christians or Muslims have that.

So stop fighting with each other you all believe in one God.

Now, as to who’s puppet America is well again Israel is the pupeteer, there are two ways you can go about it, you can tear each other to pieces or can co-exist.

Comment by Lcfr

Proselytizing does not require tearing each other to pieces.

Comment by Trevor

Well I would like to thank the creativity of the USA, me I want to see the world safe and secure and those microchips will ensure that. Besides, the way society has become all you have to do to micro-chip the new generation is to let MTV show the young ones the way.

Have a look around you where society is heading, I dont see god or anyone doing anything- man has to take active hand in preserving human values worth preserving.

Comment by Lcfr

God allows you to take your next breath. He’s very active in all of our lives. Just not the way we want/expect Him to be.

And tell me… where did these human values we are trying to preserve come from?

Comment by Trevor

Well, why dont you tell me ?

Comment by Lcfr

I asked you first. 😉

Comment by Trevor

Those values have come the progress of humanity.

Comment by Lcfr

That doesn’t really speak to a source though. You seem to refer to a type of “evolution” of human morality. Even the Theory of Evolution has a beginning. What do you consider to be the starting point/beginning/source/origin of human values/morals?

Taking it a bit further… if there really has been a “progress of humanity,” why do we seem to be dealing with the same terrible things people do today and have done for hundreds of years. Where is the progress you speak of?

Comment by Trevor

I was speaking to a passionate fiend of mine, and he said that if anyone’s going to push the red Nuke button to end the world, it would most probably be a Muslim (in the name of Allah) What do you think? Their religion seems elitist and exclusive, and too easy to interpret extremely.

I guess all religion can be taken too literally, and contorted for one’s own gain, but do you think they’d do it, if they could?
(‘they’ is not meant to sound like a terrible generalisation!)

Comment by Mary of Magda

Good question Mary. It’s hard to say. I’m thinking back over history and to me this ‘phenomenon’ (if I can call it that) of Muslims taking their faith (and their life) to the extreme of death seems to be a recent thing considering the span of history. Were suicide bombers an issue even 20-30 years ago? If this is a recent thing, what has set it off? Perhaps the Internet is the source and its ability to provide propaganda-ize beliefs reaching billions of people with their message.

As for who is more likely to push the red button… if I remember correctly, it’s the American’s–who I believe by constitution still consider themselves to be a Christian nation–who have all the nukes. So what does that tell you? …I’m just sayin’

Comment by Trevor

Awesome Trevor. I have been giving these same facts to many, for over a year. But they stick their head in the sand. The Muslims are taking the world by planned population explosion, and violence. There are ‘beheading’ videos on the net for any who oppose Muslim rule. It is real.
And it is now in every Country.
What to do? Sound the alarm!

Comment by Randy

Muslims will take over the world by numbers which are increasing by 1.3% a year. A proffesor said that if in a country you get 10% it is too late to do anything.

I think we should take active hand in minimising that growth.

Comment by LCFR

By taking action ,you fighting a losing battle ,how can you going against something that is odained by The Unique One GOD.ISLAM is spreading through the mercy of GOD to mankind.Why fight it.
Ente rinto Islam Full Heartedly.

Comment by Proud Muslim

Islam may be okay but Sharia police who beat you for tiny sins is stupid. We must stop Sharia Islamic Law from taking over the world. When a man does a little sin, that sin is between man and God, not between a man and Sharia police. A Muslim woman in a country with Sharia Law was replying to a post and her story was something like this –> She was riding a bus and nosy Sharia police stopped the bus to do an inspection and saw that her robes and head scarf were not black so they beat her. She says the men in her country hate to look at women for fear of being beaten. Women are not allowed outside after 7:30 pm. They are not allowed to listen to music or play many games or drive cars or have a job other than nursing.
Sharia Law admits that it has a prejudice hatred against Christians even though they share the same God and all early prophets such as Abraham and Moses. Jesus and Mohammed are both prophets of God and would even have been friends if they had lived at the same time. Christians and Muslims should be equal and not prejudice against each other. There should be 100% freedom of religion between Christians and Muslims and the Jews too, for we all believe in the one God and his prophets and the laws given to Moses. The problem is the false or bad Taliban Al Queida and Boko Haram Muslims who are using war to spread Islam. In Syria there have been several massacres of non-military people in villages with many women and children. What the public is not being told is that these people (which includes the good Muslims) were killed because they refused to convert to the Islam that has Sharia Islamic Laws.
I wish that the good Muslims would stop calling Jesus a liar and believe in his messages. He is a prophet and his every word should be studied the same way that I am studying the Holy Bible and the Quran and the prophet Mohammed.

One final word here. American Muslim women do not wear headscarfs because the Quran does not say that it is necessary. It says in 24:31 to dress modestly and pull your veil over your bosom and 33:59 says to draw your coat close round your body. Anything else is just the opinion of men who want to control women. Women should be beautiful and draw all attention to their heads and faces. Dress modestly and beautiful and not sexy.

Comment by kim messiah Quran 3:45

Jesus is the son of God. Don’t accept the mark of the beast. Preach to muslims that is the only way. I will pray that Islam will not take over and people will expose it for what it really is.

Comment by Teresa wright

Islam is spreading through the forgiveness and mercy of the unique one GOD.GOD is one ,there is none like him ,no end no beginning and no son .Dont be fooled by the words written by man ,(so called bible).
Except Islam into your Life and you will experience true Islam ,not the Islam shown by the media.

Comment by Proud Muslim

It is too bad you hate Abraham and Moses and the dozen or so prophets that have come and gone and the many stories about them. You also hate the ten commandments and the smaller commandments of God. You hate the wisdom, songs and laws of God. Muslims follow Mohammed and everything in the Holy Bible except the stuff about Jesus. It is the prophet Jesus that you should hate even though the Quran says good things about him Quran 3:42 – 63. Quran 3:42 says that he will be the Messiah (savior of the world). He is well-known in the world and well-known in heaven. God, God, God will teach him the scripture and the wisdom and all about Moses and the prophets (the Torah) and the Gospel (good news of the kingdom of God). Never condemn someone or say he is guilty until you know and have read everything about him. Do you even know the message that Jesus the prophet messenger brought ? He said ‘Love God, love yourself, love your neighbor, love your enemy (that he might be converted) and therefore make heaven on earth.’ He gave us this prayer: The Lord’s Prayer Words

Our Father, which is in heaven,
Hallowed be your Name.
Your Kingdom come.
Your will be done on earth,
As it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread.
And forgive us our sins,
As we forgive them that sin against us.
And lead us not into temptation,
But deliver us from evil.
For yours is the kingdom,
The power, and the glory,
For ever and ever.

When I read the Quran and see the word ‘messenger’, it seems as if the writer of the Quran is speaking about Jesus otherwise why not write the name Mohammed ? Much of what is written about the messenger in the Quran is a copy of the wisdom of Jesus. Both Mohammed and Jesus were messengers of God, so the word ‘messenger’ can refer to either of them. And I have the same arguments regarding the word ‘believers’ which refers to anyone who worships God. Study the Holy Bible and the Quran to show God that you care and want his approval. Remember that whoever opposes God and his messengers, there is the punishment of the torment of the fire, Quran 8:14.

Comment by kim messiah Quran 3:45

Islam is filth, theres no way these muslim scumbags will take over anything,,they cant even live peacefully amoung themselves!

Comment by Marlene

Islam is a peacefull Religion ,the media has brainwashed peoples minds ,by discremeninating Islam .Why be afraid of Islam .study Islam and you’ll come to find what Islam is all about.
Dont believe what you see on the media.

Comment by Proud Muslim

if you have ever read up on nostradamus he had all this written down that it was going to happen between the east and the west which would in turn start WWIII which after seeing and hearing what’s been happing over these last few year I beleive that things are going to get worse before they get better more so since it seem the Belief system that of our countries and the Religion are based on are being slow whipped out all because the goverment’s are letting it happen and not doing a thing about it after all there the ones that are letting all these easterns come into the countries in the west how would they like it if us westerns decided to take a few millions of us over to there country and started to go off about our beleive they sure wouldnt like it one bit

Comment by Anonymous

The Holy Bible says that the whole world is being given into the hands of the anti-Christ (Rev 13:7 Daniel 7:25). One by one, with the help of the Taliban, Al Qaeda and their paid followers like Boko Haram, many countries are coming under Sharia Islamic Law and that is not good for anyone because it is a tool of the anti-Christ. It hates Christians, women, and non-Muslims and good Muslims. There will be Sharia police who beat people for the smallest of sins, and people will no longer socialize with each other. Some of these sins are mentioned in the Quran and some are man-made such as the sin of wearing the wrong color or looking in the direction of a woman. Or the sin of strangers becoming friends or a man and an un-related woman being left alone together or speaking to each other. This goes against the words of Jesus that we should love one another, love your neighbor, and love your enemy. Under Sharia Law People will stare down at the sidewalk and never speak as they go about their business and hurry home. Women cannot drive cars and can only work as nurses and must submit to all men including the ones who rape them, and they must keep quiet about being raped or they will die of the sin of adultery. Just like in Sweden, high rape will be everywhere. Women also cannot walk the streets after 7:30 pm. Not to mention wearing a sheet head to toe and covering the face too. I don’t think the prophet Mohammed intended the head scarf to cover the neck or face. Single men cannot watch women or listen to women singers. Single men will become agressive and fight a lot because of the loss of the beauty of women. Sexual urges will be satisfied behind closed doors in gay and lesbian relationships. (A psychic person has said that the birth rate after the year 2025 will be zero and therefore also no people will be alive in the year 2100). There will be no beautiful women on TV, in magazines, or in advertising. Movies with women not wearing head scarfs will be destroyed. Ninety percent of music will be destroyed too. Christmas, Easter, and all non-Muslim holidays will be gone (Daniel 7:25). There will be no freedom of religion (Daniel 11:37). Because Muslims do not experience the miraculous heaven-dropped, Jesus given, born-again, soul-cleansing power of God feeling that REAL Christians get during conversion, the truly Godly Muslims will always feel empty and kind of unloved by God or have that God-is-far-away feeling. Sharia Islamic Law will make the world so boring and people will feel like prisioners in their homes. And few people will marry.
Satan the devil will use false Muslims (Al Qaeda, Taliban Muslims and the terrorist groups they train and finance) to take over the world and take over the lives of good Muslims. As soon as the religion of Sharia Islam of the Muslims is in full power in every country and with Sharia Islamic Law, then this will mark the beginning of Satan’s new religion. The Holy Bible says a false God, false religion and a false prophet will take over the world for 42 months and will be led by a man with the soul of Satan the devil (Rev 13:2-7 17:17). His enemy will be those who keep the commandments of God and hold to the testimony of Jesus (Rev 12:13-17). The name he uses in Hebrew is Abaddon or in Greek it is Apollyon. In Arabic this could be Saddam for all three mean ‘destroyer.’ I have read in a book of Islamic patterns that the number for Allah when in a 3 by 3 box is 66. When you substitute the numbers 1 to 26 for letters in the name Saddam and reduce them all to 1 digit numbers and add them then you get 6, (Saddam is 19,1,4,4,1,13 or 1+1+4+4+1+4=15 which is 6). This human will no doubt use the same Islamic pattern book and see the name Allah as 66. This human will translate his own name to a 6 and together this 666 will be the number of his name. This human whatever his name is, will declare himself to be God. People will worship him like a God (Rev 3:13). This person will have his name or the number of of his name placed on the forehead or right hand of all his followers (Rev 13:16 14:9-12). Those who do not accept the name or number of his name 666 will not be able to buy or sell anything. Those who keep the commandments of God and have faith in Jesus will not accept the mark of the name or number of the false God (beast) for it is the number of a man making himself God 666. Blessed are the dead who die in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ during wars or who are beheaded (Rev 20:4) Millions of Christians will die or be beheaded because of their testimony of Jesus and because of the word of God and because they did not worship the false God, or follow his religion, or take the mark of the name or number of his name 666 on their foreheads or right hands (Rev 20:4). (Rev 14:13 ‘Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord from now on.” )

Satan will command a 200 million man army from the east (with war planes and tanks, Rev 9, and nuclear bombs Zechariah 14:12) to fight the westerners and within five months one quarter of mankind will die. And some will die of starvation and diseases, or be food for animals. A total of one third of all people of earth will die from all causes at this time. This will be a great and awsome time for God. (Joel 2:12) Who will endure and turn to the one true God with their whole heart? A psychic who has talked with angels found out that 1/3 of humanity were created good and about 1/3 were created with a little too much evil in them to make life interesting and challenging for us Christians. My guess is that the other 1/3 are the good Muslims who have rejected the prophet Jesus. With the Christians gone, there will be a lot of evil people on earth.

Then for the next 42 months there will be two true Godly prophets of God and their churches (Rev 11). They wiil have supernatural powers and will will preach about the coming kingdom of God and about the man chosen to rule that kingdom, Jesus. There shall be a new heaven and a new earth. When their ministry is finished, the false prophet will kill them. Their death and recovery and flight up to heaven will convert a city of people to the one true God and his Son Jesus.

Then Jesus will come as the Messiah, (Quran 3:45) and collect the souls of his Christian followers and destroy the earth because God is upset, for the earth will have become filled with those who are wicked and evil, for the earth is corrupt and filled with violence like in the time of Noah and his ark boat (Genisis 6:5-13). Some meteorites (Rev 8:10); one is named Wormwood (Rev 8:5-12) will crash into the sea and land causing death and much water to splash up and freeze and come down as large hail stones (with human blood)(Rev 16:21 Rev 8:7). Many sea creatures will die, and ships will be destroyed. A third of the land, trees and grass will be burned up. These meterorites will cause the ozone layer to open up and much heat will bother men and severe sunbun will cause open sores on the skin and this will be mankind’s last chance to accept Jesus as Lord. The dust and blood from the meteorite crashes will circle the earth and darken the sun by a third and cause the oceans and rivers to be thick and dirty and red like blood. The earth will also shift on its axis and earthquakes and storms will be everywhere (Rev16:18-21). In the year 2100 there will be no people on earth. God will create a new heaven and a new earth and start over again like he did with Noah and his ark of animals. And Jesus will be the man chosen to rule this kingdom. God will walk among us.

Is Jesus worth worshipping Rev 5:7 Philippians 2:10 —- Christians killed in Rev 6:9 11:15 12:11,17

Comment by kim messiah Quran 3:45

They go off and talk about there so called sucide bombers taking there life in the name of there god and ending up with 72 virgin souless women the diffence between me I would gladly give my life up if that was what my god had planned for me and I dont expect any stupid door prize at the end on like there god. mine isnt some big ass virgin pimp that has to bribe his follows to do his bidding you look at all those who died during the Crusades they gave there life’s because they trully beleive in there god unlike there god that seems to have to bride them all or when that doesnt work just treaten them

Comment by Anonymous

What ever you refering to is not Islam ,It just shows how the media has brain washed you ,by showing false images and comparing it to Islam .Islam is a peacefull religion ,only to fight when defending yourself.

Comment by Proud Muslim

When will the Chritians realise that the book described as the bible is not valid and true.There are approximately more than seven different copies,please explain, whereas the Holy Quraan is still in its purist form from the time of Mohammad (PBUH),which is the real and true miracle of GOD.And that Jesus is also just a phrophet of GOD like all the other Phrophets send down before him warning people about the greatness of the ONE and ONLY GOD.So stop being arrogant and believe in the ONE Almighty UNIQUE GOD ,meaning no sons ,no daughters ,he is one .

Comment by Proud Muslim

There are about 60 different English versions of the Quran and some of them were translated in favor of Muslims. For example: where it should truly say “believers”, they will write the word “Muslims”. And “submission to God” is replaced with the word “Islam.” Christians submit to God too. In a way this makes Christians Muslims who follow the Islam religion. I have also seen where the better word of “prophets” has been replaced with the word “Mohammed.” In Quran 3:55 Where it should say “follow him” in some translations, it now says “believe.” God created Jesus through the virgin Mary, thereby making Jesus the Son of God. Allah creates what he wants when he wants Quran 3:47. I do not see what is wrong with a prophet being the Son of God. Why do Muslims not like Jesus or the other prophets ? They only like Mohammed. The Holy Bible says there will be a false prophet and he will use a false religion to decieve the whole world and make a one-world power. Believe me when I say Satan the devil wants to run the whole world and use a false religion to take people’s souls away from God. You would do the same if you were Satan.

Comment by kim messiah Quran 3:45

Fuck Muslims

Comment by Noname

alright so there are muslim and christian people commenting on this blog.hmnn..what if muslims take over the world ? here are some things i thought of 1.there’ll be mosque everywhere and tons of noise pollution of chanting of allah especially muslims have to pray 5 times a day while christians pray once on sundays thats 5 times!!!. 2.the women will be forced to wear tudongs and it is ridiculous in some countries because obviously its hot and only retards wear something like that knowing the hot temperature and 3. and they’ll probably stop their terrorism because they ruled the world . and what if christian’s ruled ? 1. they’ll be lots going out telling people that they’ll need to be saved.2.the new christian government will eliminate hospitals everywhere and ask the patients to pray for a miracle. well thats enough and theres more..


Comment by Atheist

Islam is the consequence of the series of messages from God sent to prophets started from Adam; including Moses, Jesus and many other prophets before them. This is the ultimate religion for humanity. So, accept the truth.
Muslims are not going to take over the world, it is God’s will who wants his slaves to come back to his kindness.
May Allah give you the courage to get back to your lord.

Comment by Saved

I disagree. I don’t believe the same thing you are suggesting. What reason do you have that would make me sway from my faith in Jesus Christ, as God?

Comment by Trevor

My lord is Jesus Christ, not the same as yours.

Comment by Gina

Phrophet Jesus is a messanger ,like all messangers send before him .Who told you Jesus is god ,your priest ,or did you read it up in the so called bible ,book written by man ,which added their own desire of how christianity should be and not accordance to the will of the unique and one God.

Comment by Proud Muslim

Jesus is the son of God and not a messenger as you believe.

Comment by Gina

When God invented religions, he made a big mistake, he also made muslims! They were God’s big mistake, now there a millions of them propagating into western countries, taking over, sharia law, polygamy, they hate our beliefs, they refuse to integrate, they wear Burkhas and face coverings.
They look like terrorists, they look threatening wearing bed sheets over their faces, heads and bodies, they look so intimidating walking on our streets, shopping from our shopping malls.

When the burkha walks into a bank, how can we tell he/she is armed with WOMD, guns?

How can you see what expressions they have under their sheets?

How can they sit for their driver’s licence, get their passport picture done, when they refuse to abide by western rules to show their face?????

They are suffering from muslim mental disorder, they are psychiatrically insane and need help.

They profess to their kids the cult which they are brainwashed into, the kids have a right not to follow their stupid parents.

They are the worse cult in the world and we have the pleasure of having our politicians insist they populate our western countries????

What are they thinking since September 11th????

How can anyone trust a muslim ever again????

They are all bad, they are all dishonest, full of hate, wish to kill the non-believers of the Quran, they are all incessant dickheads who need to be put in a big deep hole!!!!

Where’s Hitler now . . .

Comment by Maureen Bates

Hi Maureen. We appreciate your opinion for the discussion. However, I must say, your worldview seems somehow skewed. As a Christian, I’ve met many Muslims and have Muslim friends who view the idea of suicide bombing and the like as something that only extremists think to be true and consider it a gross misinterpretation of their beliefs (considering the Qu’ran states one who commits suicide will go to hell).

Also, please consider the recent topic in world news where Islamic scholars are now calling other scholars to speak up about suicide bombing and how opposite such a view is of the true word of Islam.

All this to say, Christianity has their own members who don’t always represent Christ as well as they should. We shouldn’t be so quick to judge the many by the actions of a few.

One last point… In the same way you suggest the parents of Muslim children “brainwash” their children to believe these things, could we not also say the same thing about those who grow up in a Christian home where we “likely” attend church each week and are taught the stories and morals of Scripture? To suggest Muslims brainwash children is very misled. Rather, if they are forced to believe these things even when they are older and threatened if they do not (which is the case in some countries), that is a different story and obviously very wrong.

For all readers, whether you agree with the teachings of Islam or not, please have respect for them as fellow human beings… at the LEAST. Thank you.

Comment by Trevor

Islam is a dangerous religion. I am convinced.

Comment by Linda

who or what convinced you that Islam is a dangerous religion.What you hear about Islam and self experiencing is two different and opposite procedures.Don’t judge Islam what you see on Media.Study Islam and find out the truth about Islam ,then you’ll only realize that you were just brainwashed by the media.Islam is the most true ,pure Religion there is for mankind.
May you be guide into Islam.

Comment by Anonymous

Yes, I believe that the Muslims purposely got obama into office so he can take us over. He canceled the national day of prayer, but allowed the muslims to pray on their day in Washington DC!

Comment by Anonymous

Muslims dont need permission from governmnent or Obama to prey .Islam dont need Obama ,Obama got a choice to follow Islam or any other Religion,but will be judged by the One and Almighty Unique God for his actions that he took.
May Allah Guide all aameen.

Comment by Anonymous

Take a look at this comment. everyone needs to know that cristians are indeed TAKING OVER!!! They started with the “holy” crusades in 1905 when they invaded israel and slaughtered millions! And in 19th century England Jews were abused by and thoght of as untrust worthy and evil by them and, as such, many were found guilty and hung when they were innocent! After the American civil war a group of strictly whitr cristians was formed, known as the Ku Klux Klan, which deliberately targeted ethnic and religious minorities! And they BRAINWASH they’re children by sending them to evil places on sundays called church where they fill they’re heads with bullshit! Who knows what crazy thing they’ll do next?! You have been warned! Educate yourself on this vile race and help stop them taking over!

Sounds bullshit ‘eh?. . .
. . .So does this article. Muslim extremists are small groups, the largest of which are the Taliban and Al-Queda. Saying that Muslims are trying to take over is like saying cristians are trying to take over (if you coould’nt understand what I was getting at in my bullshit paragraph). If people want to belive in Islam they can, just like if people who want to belive in cristianity or scientology or buddhism or any other religion can. These RUMOURS about Muslims were probably started by some small group of pissed off religious people (Ku Klux Klan anyone?).

Muslims are NOT trying to take over. The sooner you get that through your THICK, NARROW MINDED, (probably) RACIST, CONSERVATIVE minds the better. If anyone wishes to complain about what I’ve said. . .
. . . tell to someone who cares.

Comment by Anonymous

sorry I meant 1005 on the third line. Apologies on that only, not the rest

Comment by Anonymous

Also 9/11 WASN’T an unprovoked attack: Iraq had helped america during the “cold war” and America “repayed” them by invading THEIR country and taking all THEIR oil. I’m not saying it was right (on the contrary I think 9/11 was horrible and sickening) I’m just stating that it wasn’t unprovoked and it wasn’t because America is predominately cristian

Comment by Anonymous

If you look carefully at the ‘attacks’ on 9/11 you will clearly see that it wasn’t the muslims who attacked. The so called suicide hijackers are alive and well today. it was the US government who used 9/11 to go to war against Iraq. America is not predominantly Christian they are Atheist through and through, just saying your christian doesn’t make it so. If America was predominantly Christian every Church would be overflowing in the US and your political leaders would be over 85% Christian, this is not so.

Comment by David

islam is an evil false religion. Mohammed took christianity and put his own slant on it making himself its central figure. If you read the koran everything in it is about fearing god. God is vengeful. Do what he says and be a good muslim or he’ll punish you. That is not God. The christian bible is about a loving, forgiving God who sacrificed his son for your sins. Love is the message of christianity. Fear is the message of Islam.

Comment by bob

hahaha shame Muslims are takin over the world and there is nothing u can do about it

Comment by Muslim person

yeah its a shame dat u r taking over,well i think that people
have always tried to find the answer of the end of the world in religious book or in some predictions ,but i think that god created muslims for the purpose of bringing this world to an end. This particular species as i would like to say,has rules and regulations that makes a human jealous,angry and an animal.there book obviously have quotes about hating people of other religion ,infidels as we know,why?why in the world would god ever send a messenger to with a book that has rules and regulation that creates hatred or difference amongst people.there are only 2 answers 2 that qstion,either their god is the devil disguised as god and fooling them or mohammed prophet just made it my country india,they have already taken over almost everything,politics,sports,film industry etc etc,,they rape girls of other religion in groups,and call themselves proud muslims.i understand why they want to see women in burqas,cos there mind is so damn dirty that they just cant stop thinking about fucking a women if they see them in normal clothes,,there are cases in india,where a muslim father raped his own sons wife and then the so called muslim women foundation claimed to help that women by making him marry his own father in law who raped her.Basically these mosques are there gathering spot where there secret meetings takes place.they have taken over the ruling government ,and are trying hard to take over the whole country.i have seen many muslim students in my school not singing the national anthem,when i asked them why they didnt sing our nationa anthem,they simply said”our father says that islam doesnt permits it.”i know that quran doesnt says anything about it,but the people have been harbouring rage and hatred in their hearts for other religion and their people since the beginning of islaam.look at pakistan,its a complete muslim country,totally based on islaam,why are they so fucked up.they are the once sending terrorists to other countries,they so much hate india,but would love to come and live here and fuck this countrys women.artists who couldnt earn a penny there are earning millions from our country,and still they want to see our country burn.accrding to a survey pakistan is a country where people watch most of the internet porn,so what happened to the “quran says do this do that and remain pure thing”.also they have started a new system of converting women of other religion ,,,when a man frm different religion wants to marry a girl frm there religion then all sorts of rules and allah himself come in between ,but when it comes to getting a girl from other religion ,then the rules of the book remain same ,but its the damn muslim people who agree to acpt that girl ,cos for them its a matter of being proud to fuck a girl from other religion.muslim in this country are really dangerous.look a day will come when muslims wh

Comment by uchiha itachi

Someone has been brainwashed by media.Please read the quraan and come with facts and quotes before stating something as a fact.Islam teaches us that there is only one Unique God.To remind people from other religions about Islam (remind them and call them ).Not force them .People accept Islam because they see the true Islam as stated in the Quraan.Islam is spreading through the mercy of God onto people.You my brother follow media and groups trying to destroy Islam and by that never will you be guided .Muslims go to mosque five times a day to worship and bow down only to Allah (One God). Muslims is only spreading the message (remininding people) and the unbelievers is the one that is terrorist killing muslims and spreading the lies (through media)about islam because the spreading of Islam is a thread to unbelievers. christianity is not a threat to Muslims .Judiasm is not a threat to muslims .By being a muslims just believe in one god and ony worship him (Allah) and remind and tallk to others about Islam (what christians call propogate or force) and by that Islam is spreading .Brother read the Quraan.
According to your accusation it states that If he disbelievers attack and plot against ,then plot and attack against them and if they make peace ,join in by making peace .Why do christians state that the quraan is a book of hate when they quote out of cntext.all the quotes is about defending yourself.In this age if a muslim defends himself they are called terrorist .May you be guided.

Comment by Anonymous

While I think uchiha itachi goes overboard in his assessment of Islam, and is obviously speaking from a very subjective, personal point of view based on his corner of the world, I can’t say I agree with all you are saying either. Yes, most Christians, actually the general public, only see extremist Muslims when they think of Islam. However, you act like Islam is shared by Muslims like any simple story, and the listener can do with it what they please. But yet, if you are a Muslim father, and one of your children tell you they are denying the Muslim faith and choosing to believe something else, Christianity or otherwise, would you respond in a positive manner or add yourself to the headlines about another Muslim father threatening the life of their own child over religion?

Comment by Trevor

djjohnnyboy, please go share your hate message somewhere else. Saying such things makes you no better than those extremists you are speaking of.

Comment by Trevor

Muslims are often questioned, “Did not Muhammad call on all Muslims to kill the infidels?” The answer is absolutely not!

Then, we are asked another question: “Why then does the Quran say, “fight and slay the pagans (or infidels or unbelievers) wherever you find them?” (9:5).

There are two interrelated answers to that question. The first is historical. The second is related to the nature of the Quran itself.
go on for info plus you only write cos you hate CHECK ISLAM FIRST AND THE QURAN gaaooosshhh peoples why would anyone become muslim? becouse they saw the truth

Comment by Fatima

Sheesh… is this website for the Knights of the KKK’s?
Some Christians you call yourselves 😛
I am a Christian, and yes that means I believe in Jesus the Lord, but still respecting other religions and other cultures are also important. There is no need to be such pompous racists.
I obviously believe that Christianity is the truth, but that is no reason to hold your racist views.
What God does is in accordance to his own will, and your bloodthirsty ranting won’t do anything about it 😛

Have a look at our religion, look at all the denominations there are, I am a Catholic, you will probably call me a materialistic heretic, but hey! its ok because I think my values are correct, just like how you think yours are correct.

Now look at Islam. Obviously there are radicals (eg KKK in Christianity etc) and there are those who live rightly doing what they perceive as right, and who are we to deny them of this?

Who cares if there are many Muslims in America, some of you guys are overreacting up to a point where you sound like the extremists 😛

Its really worrying to see, that so many radical and crazy people have access to the internet 😛

Comment by Raphael

You people in the U.K. will not do anything to stop this just like you did nothing when they took away your right to protect yourselves. As long as you have a spot of tea you will sit on your butts and let the Muslims take you over from the inside. Get used to the loudspeaker call to prayer it is coming.

Comment by Hillary

Hi I’m From sri lanka and i completely agree with you, BUT YOU NEED TO STAND AGAINST THIS MUSLIM INVASION, OTHERWISE THERE WILL BE NO WORLD LEFT, please look at what happened to the following country’s Malaysia, Indonesia , Bangladesh and country’s in Africa those country’s was converted to Muslim, if you take a deep look at history you will find that Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan was Buddhist in the past NOT Muslim. In Afghanistan there was large Stone Buddhist statues which was called Bamiyan, but they were dynamited and destroyed in March 2001 by the Taliban ref currently China, Thailand , Sri Lanka are also facing this Muslim terrorism. so every one NON Muslim must be united and stand against this Invasion. may god bless us….

Comment by kaveendra

The muslims didn’t attack teh US on 9/11, it was their own governments plan to further a far bigger agenda, get your facts right! Giving this psychotic religion credit for something like that only makes them proud, and muslims have NO REASON TO BE PROUD! THEY FOLLOW, like all religions a fake man-made religion! Because most people ar not critical thinkers and must be lieve in only what they are taught to believe in, it’s sad because GOD is in allof our hearts and gues what, it’s the same GOD!! Man made religions are only good for control and war! Do you think that that is what God intended…NO, so everyone of all races and all religions you’ve been brainwashed by a ridiculous man made hoax called religion and if you do not wake up to it and understand that GOD is in our hearts and good is good and bad is bad, it’s that simple, then you are damned, being mislead is no excuse….have a brain and really think about things your religion teaches and if you find nothing hypocritical, demeaning against women, contradicting, impossible or just plain stupid, tha a normal person would question, then you are a bigger fool than most! AKE UP PEOPLE, all religions man – made on earth ARE nothing more but a way to control and create war amongst the people….we are all GOD’s children (except of course the evils inthis world), and guess what, WE ALL HAVE THE ONE AND ONLY GOD, whatever his real name is! This si something we were not taught, and infact were robbed of to purposely lead us away from God, and who would mislead us, satan, or waht ever you want to call him, that is why he created all fo these fake religions. WAKE UP AND FIND GOD IN YOUR HEARTS PEOPle, he’s not at church, nor does he even hear you because you have gallen for the evil hoax!!

Comment by joy-joy

Hey joy-joy. Thanks for your comments. I want to better understand where you’re coming from. You mention being in our hearts a number of times. Where did you learn that? That’s something that the Bible teaches. God’s Word is written on the hearts of every person. So do you believe the Bible?

If not, then what is your reference for morality? You say good is good and bad is bad. Who or what determines “good” and “bad”? Is that a personal choice?

Also, before you try to suggest that religion is only good for control and war… What do you say about our history where there is the absence of religion? What about communism? Nazism? Those were religionless societies. Yet, their leaders killed many more than any religious war has resulted in. I don’t think it’s fair to say religion is war and control’s only cause.

Is there such thing as salvation if God is in our hearts? Do people save themselves by “waking up?” as you suggest? I’m just curious how what you’re suggesting works. What happens then after we die? Do we just all get to go to heaven? That would be pretty cool.

I’d love to hear more from you. Thanks.

Comment by Trevor

Through sheer population, (and force – because lets agree, its an aggressive belief system… Jesus never condoned spreading the good news through force, but muhummad tells his followers that war and murder is okay in the name of spreading the religion), islam will take over. I dont understand the double standards that the islamic religion has… we can be executed for stating our beliefs. Its the anti-christ to the core. Its right in front of our eyes!!!!!!!!! but revelations does state that christians will be persucuted on account of Jesus’s name. Its all gonna get worse.

I just dont understand why muslims cant, at least for a momenet, step back from what they have been taught and see the truth. Maybe pray to Jesus, ask him for a personal sign or message, to show that he is the son of God. Jesus stands at the door and knocks, just wating for us to answer the door. I guarantee that most muslims wont even give him a chance, because they are stuck in thier beleifs. I know that if I stepped away from Jesus for a moment and asked Muhummed to show me through a personal sign that he is right, that it would NEVER happen. Just give Jesus a try. He will never foresake his people.

I am very scared for future generations. Islam cannot be peaceful at the core… the simple fact taht it is an aggressive/domineering belief system is the biggest contradiction to peace. I beg all muslims to pray to Jesus, and ask him to reveal the truth in thier hearts!!! If you live in the middle east and do find Jesus, but are too scared to proclaim him for fear of persecution from your own people, then Jesus will understand your difficulties. He will provide a safe way for you. Times will be difficult, but he says whoever loses his life (and he doesnt mean through suicide bombing) will gain it.

If this message just gives a tiny seed of hope in one muslim that Jesus trully is the savior of mankind, then I know Jesus will be rejoicing. He will never turn his back on anyone. He simply waits, constantly, for us to invite him into our hearts.

His power and love isn’t a part of chrisitan imagination… its as real as our own flesh and blood.

Please…. give him a chance to show you the truth. Join his spiritial army. It doesnt involve hate or bloodshed or force or domineering or arguing… it invovles faith and trust and perseverence in the face of persecution and the gift of eternal joy. And in saying that, i dont believe that only Christians go to heaven (unlike muslim belief which states that only muslims can go to heaven). Jesus forgives and understands, so long as we accept his everlasting mercy for us. But once we know he is the true savior, whether that be realised now on earth or once we die, we can’t turn away from truth.

Truth is truth… and at some point we will all face it. Its better to embrace the truth now, so that we can help others and live as Jesus asks us. This world is gonna get bad, and its only through faith in Jesus that we will be able to bear the horrors of whats to come. Many of you, I gurantee, will turn to him in your most horrific moments, when all else seems hopeless. He will NEVER ignore you. Believe in him. He is the way.

Comment by margaret

First thing first muslims dont pray to Phrophet Mohammad (SAW),Muslims pray to One unique GOD ,creator of everything.Muslims must now leave that and worship a human /man aka Phrophet Jesus (PBUH).The media has brainwashed you big time for believing that muslims kills people from different beliefs.have you read the quraan ,you will find out that you only fight and kill in self defense and when you are forced from your land and being oppressed hence my question -Why is America only targetting and invading Islamic countries.According to your comfort ,muslims must sit back and let american forces come in and massacre and kill off thousands of people and take over your land..If you fight back you are being labelled as terrorist and barbaric ,fighting and killing in the name of Islam.It was not an big issue when 100 of thousands innocent civilians got killed in the war in Iraq ,american claiming they made a mistake.America claiming that they not at war with Islam .BULL !!!!.American founded on judeo christian values and only go to wars and invade Islamic countries.This is the leading country propogating false teaching of Islam .Jesus never claimed to be GOD .He said O Isreal my GOD your GOD ,GOD is ONE.not three bear witness in heaven.Jesus fell on his face and pray to GOD ,like MOSES and Abraham.Muslims go on their faces five times a day and pray to the GOD of Abraham ,MOSES and Jesus.All these Noble Phrophet came to ppophecise in one GOD not three.You dont follow the teachings of Jesus but you follow the believ system of Paul and it contridicts the teachings of Jesus.may you be guided to the straight path.

Comment by Anonymous

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